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I have been a landscape photographer for about the last 10 years, before that my interests were in underwater videography and I continued with that up until around 2015 as well.

I have a pretty broad definition of landscapes and I'm happy to shoot purely natural scenes, semi natural scenes where buildings or man made structures feature heavily, and even cityscapes. 

I live on the eastern coast of Spain, between the mountains and the sea, and I love to explore and photograph some of the beautiful surroundings, many of which are very much unappreciated for landscape photography.

In early 2020 landscape photography came to a halt for nearly 3 months. The global pandemic and the measures taken to control it in Spain, meant that there was just no way to go out and take pictures.

It was during this time that I tried out, and discovered an interest in, more creative and abstract art photography and, while landscape photography remains my main passion and focus I do, from time to time, like to indulge in some stay at home creative photography projects.

I believe that I am still learning as a photographer, and I hope to continue learning for as long as I am able to take photos and I like to share my learning by creating videos that I publish to Youtube.

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