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Taurus and the Bull

Taurus and the Bull

This is an "Osborne Bull" in Villajoyosa in Spain. (These were advertising billboards for Osborne Brandy and they first appeared in the 1950's and there are still over 90 of them all over Spain).

I arrived about one and a half hours before sunrise and struggled to get a composition I liked. Eventually ended up shooting this image, about an hour before sunrise, using a 7.5mm fisheye lens.

I love the stars as a great background to the silhouette of the bull. To really add that something special the constellation of Taurus (the Bull) is directly above the horns and head of the subject. How cool is that?
This is an 'art' edit of the original image. The one thing about the original I didn't like was all of the supporting structure so I took the liberty of removing it