Ralph Goldsmith | About

My name is Ralph, sometimes known as Dougal but that's a long story. I am an English Photographer now living on the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain.

This website is about my passion, landscape photography, and here is where I display (what I consider to be) the best of the best of my images.

Living in Spain offers me access to many miles of coastline, starting just 2 minutes walk from my home, and wonderful hills and mountains just a short drive away.

I always enjoy early mornings. It's wonderful being out and about before the sun comes up and seeing, and feeling, the world come awake around me. The light at this part of the day is, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful you can get and there is something magical about watching, and capturing in camera, the light spreading across the landscape (or seascape) and finally seeing the sun rise above the horizon.

And, of course, I love the other end of the day, sunset, watching the light go through magical changes as the sun gets lower in the sky and darkness starts to fall.


All of the images in the gallery are for sale as high quality photographic prints, un-framed or framed, metal prints, art prints and canvas prints. Just go to the SHOP page to see details.


In the SHOP page you can also see links to my other work.


I produce a PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG that includes information on how specific images were produced and also tips, tricks and techniques for landscape photography.


I also produce LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEOS that you can view on my youtube channel 


You can also use the CONTACT page if you would like to get in touch